[K12OSN] Virtual Machine

Mark Cockrell cockrell at honeygroveisd.net
Thu Jan 27 03:34:34 UTC 2005

Hello all,
    This isn't exactly an "on topic" question, but there are so many 
here so much wiser in the ways of Linux than I, I thought I'd ask.  In 
the Windows world, one can purchase and install MS Virtual PC (at no 
small price, I might add) which will allow the creation of Virtual 
computers within the Windows OS, which can even run Linux quite nicely.  
Is there a Linux (preferably free) alternative?  I know that Win4Lin is 
supposed to run Win9X fairly well, but is there a true virtual machine 
app. that will run Windows NT/2K/XP and give it access to the Linux 
machines hardware devices?


"Good judgment comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgment." -- Rita Mae Brown

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