[K12OSN] Bondi Mac booting ltsp

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Thu Jan 27 06:30:50 UTC 2005

Well I have a Bondi iMac booting successfully as a true thin from an iBook
while simultaneously booting a Term150 and another iBook as a true thin.  Only
glitch so far is the iBook is cut off about 2 inches (need info on setting
smaller screen size in XF86Config, when I try to manually adjust the vsync and
hsync my screen goes into diagonal lines).  So I should be able to get
documentation together now for setting up both ppc and i386 servers to boot
new world macs as thin clients (no fancy keystrokes, X queries, or local
installs first, I mean diskless thin terminals that boot automatically to ltsp).  

Right now dhcp.conf has to be manually populated with MAC addresses for
whoever the odd ducks are.  

So here is a question for anyone who dare answer.  In dhcpd.conf we specify a 
option root-path "ser.er.ip.add:/opt/ltsp/kernelpref"; and some other vendor
specific options.
Since the first half of a MAC address specifies a vendor (which in theory
shouldn't change) can this option be made into an if statement stating
something along the lines of:

if hardware ethernet 00:05:02:*:*:* (may be a sequence of vendors to cover
whoever was producing the NIC for Apple at the time)
then all of the mac options
else all of the i386 options

If something like this is possible then I think out of the box support for MAC
would be very easy to achieve.  Otherwise a simple script could be written to
convert the necessary default lines of dhcpd.conf to either support ppc or
i386 with the directory structure for both on hand

Sorry to ramble here I am just pumped that this is working.

Thanks for everyones help.

Jim Kronebusch
Cotter Tech Department

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