[K12OSN] Customising Applications menu in K12LTSP 4.2.0

Debbie Schiel debbie at redeemer.qld.edu.au
Thu Jan 27 12:10:58 UTC 2005

Hi Brian,

This is a bit of a sore point when it comes to gnome menus - I haven't 
yet found an easy way to edit them, despite loads of howtoz... do a 
google search for 'k12osn editing gnome menus', and check out the wikki -

The easiest way for me though was to ditch gnome and switch to iceWM - 
it loads faster (especially on thin clients) and the menu is dead easy 
to edit, even for a newbie like me... see post titled 'making menu icons 
bigger in IceWM'

Best regards,


Brian Chivers wrote:
> First let me introduce myself
> I'm Brian Chivers, I work at Portsmouth College as a ICT Support Officer. I
> have recently downloaded and install the k12LTSP and I'm really impressed
> with the easy of install, that the intro out the way *grin*
> I have a thin client connecting via PXE booting but I'd like to know how to
> remove things from the Applications menu's, it's things like the systems
> tools etc, I realise that users can't access them with the correct
> privilages but if it's not there they won't try.
> I have tried right clicking on them, shift click but the "Remove this item"
> is always greyed out.
> Can some point me in the right direction, I think I'm google'd out.
> Thanks
> Brian
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