[K12OSN] Re: AR/STAR Take XXXXXVI (give or take a few) - Crossover Office Works!

Jeff Davis jdavis at standard.k12.ca.us
Thu Jan 27 16:32:17 UTC 2005

Being cheap, I have to wonder if it's possible to run under wine.  I got 
it working up to the point where I had to pick a data location (the 
achilles heal of all their software), but otherwise it worked.  I wonder 
if some creative smbmount-ing might be the ticket, since it seemed to 
puke on looking for network shares.  Perhaps someone has take this a bit 



Henry Burroughs wrote:

>I run Accelerated reader (I think 5.X) under Crossover Office 4.0. 
>There are a few tweaks  (turning off aliasing of fonts for the
>accelerated reader programs), but otherwise it runs extremely smoothly. 
>I haven't had any reported problems in the past few weeks.  One day when
>I have a free moment I'll post some howto information on Codeweavers
>compatibility database. Note: I run Crossover in Multi-User mode (I have
>a central CX installation, and everyone uses it), so there were a couple
>of hacks that might just be specific to that install (making actual
>copies of the AR program files rather than symlinks as Crossover Office
>usually does).
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>>I've thought just this same thing.
>>My idea was to get questions submitted from teachers.  It would start slowly
>>at first, but as K12LTSP/Linux usage grows, more might be willing to
>>contribute.  It would be too much work for say a dozen people to contribute
>>questions for several thousand books, but if we could eventually get several
>>thousand teachers to cover a dozen books.
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>>Don't get me started :-/
>>We ended up installing a Windows Terminal Server to provide Renaissance
>>Learning products.
>>I've had some communication with codeweavers recently and they were
>>ready to start porting it to their product but there was not enough
>>interest to make it worth their while. Also Renlearn is in the process
>>of moving all products to their Renaissance Place software model.
>>Chances are the old products will be shelved over the next few years.
>>Honestly, building an OSS interface and DB back end for what I'd like to
>>"Everyone Reads!" is very doable. It's the test bank that is the real
>>"got ya".
>>It would take quite an initiative to get enough volunteers to build up a
>>test bank to make such an undertaking worthwhile. 
>>So there it is, my semi annual AR gripe session.
>>Jeff wrote:
>>>   3. AR/STAR Take XXXXXVI (give or take a few) (Jeff Davis)
>>>I'm sure this has been asked and/or answered here before - Can k12ltsp 
>>>allow the linux terminals to run AR/STAR via wine or ???  This would be 
>>>part one of a two part holy grail.  The other would be MS Access (yuck).
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