[K12OSN] Old x_mode won't go in 4.2 & clients can't find dhcp server unless mac specified

Jim Christiansen christiansen_j at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 28 02:24:45 UTC 2005

Hi Everyone,  I still haven't found a solution to getting all of my monitors 
that were all running 1024x768 in K12LTSP 3.x using  XSERVER = auto and the 
standard modeline of X_MODE_0 = 1024x768 65 1024 1048 1184 1344 768 771 777 
806 -hsync -vsync working...  I have set them to X_MODE_0 =  800x600 to get 
them going.

Also, I had my other lab down for an extra day, until I specified each of 
the 28 macs in the dhcp.conf file.  The clients would just still there, 
forever, looking for a dhcp server,  kind of weird.  Same as above- no 
hardware changes and I referenced all of the old .conf files.  I didn't 
replace them, I just edited the new ones, carefully.

Il'd love to hear of any ideas.  If they worked before, they ought to go 
now, right?

Thanks,  Jim

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