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[K12OSN] Streamlining LTSP Mac support

Chuck and Jim,
     I cannot get the suggested changes for finding a specific vendor
code and choosing the right base directory and filename.  I would like
to get things to where the only time you would need a mac address is if
X didn't work fully automatic and you needed to specify a specific setup
in lts.conf.  Once this stage is setup right I would like to turn it
into a package that when you ran an installer script it would expand
/opt/ltsp/ppc, echo a new line into /etc/exports, echo the new lines
into dhcpd.conf (all echo additions commented by default), and expand
the yaboot-yaboot.conf-inird files into tftpboot.  Then we could just
include a README explaining to remove the comments from /etc/dhcpd.conf
and /etc/exports and a summary of how things work so users could have
the knowledge to tweak things.

     Maybe in Boston we could take a look at this.  Otherwise if you
have any other suggestions for me to try in the meantime let me know.  I
cannot get the macs to boot with the option vendor code stuff.  I tried
with the 20,3)="ppc" and with 0,9)="AAPLBSDPC" but no matter what I set
the if statement won't work.  And the macs will not boot if I don't set
option vendor code = "AAPLBSDPC" under the workstation specific settings
in dhcpd.conf.


Jim Kronebusch
Cotter Tech Department
jim winonacotter org 

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