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RE: [K12OSN] New World ROM iMac thin client

> I've been playing with this for the past couple hours and I'm 
> so close, but not quite there yet.  I've downloaded the 
> applenetboot tar file and unpacked everything.  I've place 
> yaboot and yaboot.conf into the /tftpboot folder.  I've also 
> place the vmlinux-ppc-2.4.22-ltsp-1 and 
> initrd-ppc-2.4.22-ltsp-1 files into the /tftpboot folder.
> I've modified my dhcpd.conf file to include a host entry for 
> the one iMac that I'm testing.  Here's what that looks like
>   host ws099 {
>         option root-path        "";
>         option routers;
>         option dhcp-parameter-request-list 1,3,6,15,17,43,44,46,60;
>         filename "yaboot";
>         server-name "ltsp";
>         option vendor-class-identifier "AAPLBSDPC";
>         option vendor-encapsulated-options 
> 01:01:02:08:04:01:00:00:01:82:
>          05:                                    # length
>          69:6d:61:63:34;                           # hostname
>         hardware ethernet 00:30:65:54:d8:b2;
>         fixed-address;
>   }
> So, what's not working?  On the iMac I boot into open firmware
> (cmd-opt-o-f) and type boot enet:  Then, after 
> a slight delay, the screen goes from black text on white 
> background (apple's open
> firmware) to white text on black background.  I get 
> "Lumensoftware Terminal Server" text at the top (from the 
> yaboot.conf file) and then after a couple seconds it tries to 
> boot linux.  I then get the following (painstakingly re-typed):
>   CLIENT:  00306554d8b2
>   SERVER: 000a5e1ae8b3
>   Transfer FILE: /tftpboot/vmlinux-ppc-2.4.22-ltsp-1
>   TFTP ERROR response 1 File not found
>   Can't read Elf e_ident/e_type/e_machine info
>   boot: 
> Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Make sure you add the following to /etc/exports:

Also modify the yaboot.conf with the following:
init-message="Lumensoftware Terminal Server"

	append="init=/linuxrc rw root=/dev/ram0"

And you should be able to reduce your config in dhcpd.conf to the
    host ws099 {
         hardware ethernet 00:30:65:54:d8:b2;
         option root-path        "";
         filename "yaboot";
         option vendor-class-identifier "AAPLBSDPC";


When we get things packages up I make sure the needed changes are

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