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Re: [K12OSN] Get rid of my PCs

Just disconnect the hard disks in those Pentium 233's. That'll save plenty of energy. Remember that the Pentium-233 uses only about 11 to 15 watts, and that's with it going full-tilt. In thin-client mode, it's doing virtually nothing, so heat dissipation might be 5 watts. Your video board won't suck up much power, either.

Also, consider going with LCD monitors, if you haven't already. CRTs are definitely heat generators by comparison, no matter what kind of thin client you hook them up to. LCDs also use considerably less current.

Your kids are probably generating much more heat themselves than those computers are; save for CRT monitors, older computers just don't need that much juice. The room warmth might well be a function of room ventilation. The above steps will cut down on your electricity usage, though.


Eric Brown wrote:


I am no Linux expert by far, but I am an open source zealot.  Whatever Mac
apps they want to run, you can probably find an open source equivalent out
there some where.

I started my own K12LTSP lab this year due to the crappy old computers they
gave me to teach web design (Pentium 233, 64 MB RAM, Win 95).  I purchased
my own server, and made the network cables myself (I do that for a summer

My problem is, when I get 22 of these old machines going with 20+ kids in
the room, it gets HOT.  What's more, we are maxing out our electrical
service in our building.

My question for the list is: are there any opinions out there for Thin
Clients?  Personally, I like the Sun Ray 170
(http://www.sun.com/sunray/sunray170/index.xml).  I was told Sun may be
having a twofer sale in March.  I've been told Sun Server software for these
thin clients can run off of Fedora Core 3 (I'm still working on that one).


Thanks, Eric

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My first year teaching, I had to use a K12LTSP lab because I had very old machines. The next year, the school bought me new machines. The principal was afraid of buying thin clients because they weren't on the approved list and no one would fix them.

Well, we just got a new head of IT, and he's started to pilot Linux projects and is especially interested in thin clients.

He just emailed me something that I don't know the answer to, so I'm asking...

Can you run Mac apps on a thin client? They know they can run Windows and Linux, but don't know about Macs, and I must admit that I don't know either.

Todd O'Bryan

P.S. Cross your fingers. I'm going to try to convince them to let me buy a server and thin clients as a pilot project and then give these virus-laden, permissions-confusing, time-sucking XP Pro machines to unsuspecting teachers who are still running Windows 95. :-)


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