[K12OSN] Installing Moodle, MySql, and PHP_include in K12LTSP package?

Dennis Daniels ddaniels at magic.fr
Mon Jan 31 02:16:23 UTC 2005

You can also go to system settings/ add remove packages and use the 
package manager there... yum is great though, so is apt-get!

BTW, I use Moodle everyday... I'm wondering when it will become a 
default for the K12LtSP package as it so good right out of the box...


Robert Arkiletian wrote:
> Robert Lefebvre wrote:
>> I'm a newbie (that will become obvious) and I'm trying to get Moodle
>> (a php-mysql based script) to run on K12. I didn't see any sign of
>> Mysql or Php being on the original install but I don't know my way
>> around yet to say that for sure. I downloaded MySql, PHP, and Moodle
>> and unpacked them to usr/local/src. Then I'm not sure what I did but I
>> seem to remember placing a code in the terminal that told me both were
>> installed.
> I would also recommend you using yum. But I think php, mysql and apache 
> should have been already installed. You can check like this
> as root
> #rpm -qa | less
> then type "/" to search for mysql or php etc...
> BTW php needs a security update which has not come down the pipe yet. To 
> update your installation type
> #yum check-update
> #yum update
> A step by step install instruction for moodle is at 
> http://moodle.org/doc/ under apache,mysql, php. Choose redhat distro
> Good luck.

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