[K12OSN] Managing identical logins...

Steven Santos Steven at Stevensantos.com
Mon Jan 31 05:16:21 UTC 2005


I assume your teachers all have a unique log in correct? (if not, then this
will not work, and you can stop reading now...)

If so, then why not have a share owned by the teacher, with the initial
group of the teacher.  You then have a script (say on the teachers desktop)
that changes the shares group over to library terminals, and pushes the
correct folder sim on to the terminals desktops (or you have a folder tree
or whatever other way you want to deal with it...).  You then have a log off
script that changes the folder group back, and removes the simlink.

Anywho, this might or might not work for you, but it sure seems like a
simpler approach.

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