[K12OSN] Installing Moodle, MySql, and PHP_include in K12LTSP package?

Robert Arkiletian robark at telus.net
Mon Jan 31 05:27:19 UTC 2005

Dennis Daniels wrote:

> You can also go to system settings/ add remove packages and use the 
> package manager there... yum is great though, so is apt-get!
> BTW, I use Moodle everyday... I'm wondering when it will become a 
> default for the K12LtSP package as it so good right out of the box...

Agreed.  I also feel that Moodle and K12LTSP should be in alliance. I'm 
hoping to start Moodle with the 1.5 release this year. It's going to 
have an updated Quiz Module.


Robert Arkiletian
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