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Re: [K12OSN] Printers on thin clients problem

I've had the same issue...running 4.1.1
I gave the librarian access and a 5 min session in how to restart the printer from the cups web admin page.


Shawn Powers wrote:

I am running 4.0.1, with about 110 thin clients in our district. Local printing is working great (we're sharing samsung 1740 laser printers) -- but every few days, the printers stop working. Sometimes there is an error page that prints out, sometimes not. It always happens in the middle of the school day, and although rebooting the thin client solves the problem, it's not really feasible at any given time to do so. This is especially true since it's usually the classroom across the hall trying to print, since we have to share printers among classrooms. Is there a known issue with local printing? Anyone have any ideas about how to debug the problem? Any chance upgrading to 4.2 would help?

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