[K12OSN] where is "localhost" pulling from

Robert Lefebvre robert.r.lefebvre at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 21:21:36 UTC 2005

I thank everyone that assisted getting my mysql, apache, php started.
I finally installed Xampp and it to. I hate it when installs go bad
because I get confused, and forget what did what and when, but before
I installed Xampp http://localhost in the browser would pull up a
page. I think this was from Installing apache by itself.  Whatever
script it was instructed to replace the page with an html page that
said "go away" (for security in other words). So now I've installed
Xampp, the install went great, and with a terminal query I have
determined that all are running. Unfortuanately a call to localhost
gets me the same page as before (the "go away" page) and none of the
new pages are showing. I can't find them in the file tree, are AMP
files hidden?


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