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Re: [K12OSN] [Bother?] k12ltsp for AMD_64

Eric Harrison wrote:

On Sat, 29 Jan 2005, Sudev Barar wrote:

Great job on 4.2
Possibility of 64 bit distro? With more people opting for AMD on servers
due to price performance...is it likely step?
Sorry for being a bother.
Sudev Barar
Learning Linux

I'm working on it, here is a link to a post on this I made a couple
of weeks ago:


And as for architecture FAQ #2... yes, I'm working on packages for booting old Macs as well ;-)


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Well, After the same two weeks running amd64 K12LTSP - per the instructions in Eric's email (above) I have to say it's working fine. My last server was running k12ltsp4.0/4.1. I did a fresh install of FC3, and then added in the various repositories and so on. It has performed very well, and the 32bit binaries have mostly worked, with a couple of exceptions. My crappy mpio mp3 player which uses the libusb functions hasn't worked yet...

All of the basics seem to work, although I haven't got sound working on the terminals. I tried quickly, but the terminal wouldn't start programs - something about wanting libaudiooss.so.1.0. Turns out it's an issue with nasd. I didn't pursue it. Who knows.

Angus Carr.

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