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John P. Conlon jconlon1 at elp.rr.com
Tue Jul 12 14:46:00 UTC 2005

I teach in one of those schools that Alan just mentioned.  I build my 
own classroom ltsp setup with a small server and 8 terminals/thin 
clients.  Life got very easy because of the security and such provided 
as a normal part of the ltsp operating system.  No more reloading 
Windblows software everyday because a student decided to trash something.
It works and the price can't be beat.
Hi Al

Alan A Hodson wrote:

> Hola Omar
> I work for one of the largest school districts in West Texas (El Paso 
> ISD - 62,000+ students, 88 campuses) and in spite of the fact that 
> K12LTSP labs and classroom clusters are installed only in 5 middle 
> schools, our conservative estimate is that on any given day more than 
> 1500 students use the thin clients for typing, computer applications 
> or research. The reliability of the servers is what makes them so 
> popular. A few teachers may resist the initial deployment - some they 
> think they are "too old"  to have to "learn another system", but after 
> a few weeks that idea vanishes, when they (and their students) realize 
> that they have "all the Micro$oft applications" and then some...
> Fell free to look at http://links.episd.org and click on our friend 
> TUX. More information is available there - use anything you need.
> Good luck
> Alan A Hodson MEd
> aahodson at episd dot org
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