[K12OSN] Changes to dhcpd.conf for PCMCIA Booting

Rob Owens hick518 at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 23 19:33:21 UTC 2005

--- Mikko Jordman <mikko.jordman at edu.vantaa.fi> wrote:
> Yep, I have made it with LILO (can't tremember why
> but i had prblem's 
> with confing grub..), and being a total
> linux-novice, it was easy. I 
> have a homeserver and 4 old laptops with
> wireless-LTSP, local LINUX and 
> DOS/Win98 bootmenu.
> 1 second to choose, then you go for LTSP. And LTSP
> is what my wife, 5 
> year old son and  myself are using.


I have been trying unsuccessfully to get my laptop to
boot.  I'm using the wireless ltsp package with a
wired PCMCIA network adapter.  I get to the point
where it says "doing the pivot root" and then it tells
me the NFS server is not responding.  Any ideas?  Did
you come across this same trouble?

I have other thin clients booting off of this server
with no problem.  Using a different laptop with my
PCMCIA network adapter I have booted Knoppix and
logged into the server by typing:  X -query
myservername, so I know the network adapter works.  My
laptop only has a floppy drive, so booting Knoppix is
not a workable solution for me.

Thanks for any advice you can give.


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