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Re: [K12OSN] corrupt partition table

knoppix comes with gpart, but I don't know if it
handles LVM.  A friend of mine had to use it once (not
on LVM) and he said it worked perfectly.


--- Petre Scheie <petre maltzen net> wrote:

> The power went out yesterday, and so my server went
> down.  When the power came back on, 
> the server tried to boot, but failed apparently
> because the partition table got 
> corrupted--it just spits out a 'Insert boot disk'
> error.  I booted from Knoppix and it 
> was during that bootup that I saw the message about
> the partition table being bad.  Once 
> Knoppix is up, it doesn't show any hard drive
> partitions on its desktop, so that pretty 
> much confirms it.  Is there any way to deal with a
> trashed partition table?  I figure 
> I'll have to reformat and re-install, which is
> okay--a reason to upgrade from the 
> K12LTSP version 3.1.2 that was on there.  But there
> are a few files I'd like to retrieve 
> beforehand if possible.  Complicating the situation
> is that it was using LVM, although 
> I'm not certain it was used for the root partition;
> unfortunately, I can't remember how 
> it was layed out.  But I think using LVM changes the
> way partitions are handled.  Are 
> there any tools for dealing with crippled LVM
> systems?
> Petre
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