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[K12OSN] [Fwd: NECC and thanks]

Hi, all!

I just wanted to publicly thank Steve Hargadon, Kim Brand, and all the
folks at Yorktown High School for their awesome work at the National
Education and Computing Conference (NECC) 2005 this past week!

LTSP was represented in Symbio Technologies' booth and the Email garden
in the upstairs pavilion.  Thanks to the efforts of those mentioned
above (and probably more that I am forgetting in my pre-coffee stupor),
literally tens of thousands of educators and decision makers for schools
in the US and abroad are now aware and excited about the technology.
And they didn't stop there.  There were even hosted presentations on
Open Source software such as Moodle, and free CD's of Ubuntu and the
OpenCD being distributed left and right.  (I even saw some Ubuntu CDs in
the Apple booth next to the MAC Minis! lol)

So, kudos to all!  If anyone wants to see pics let me know!

Gideon Romm | Product R&D gideon symbio-technologies com

Symbio Technologies                     o:(914) 576-1205
134 North Ave, Suites E&F               f:(914) 576-0944 
New Rochelle, NY 10801                  c:(914) 774-4691


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