[K12OSN] re: Bulk-add script problem with SMB/LDAPInstaller

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Fri Jul 1 18:46:34 UTC 2005

> Which version of the Samba/LDAP Installer are you using?

It looks like I installed smbldap-installer-1.2-gamma.tgz.

> The beta (now gamma) version has some changes that could have 
> made a difference.  I've updated the site to mention this; 
> sorry that wasn't clear before.  8-o  ( http://majen.net/smbldap/ )

It looks like the newest version from your site is 1.2.2-gamma.  I
installed this earlier and have now just begun testing with real users.
In about a week when I wipe this server I will be installing K12LTSP 4.4
(or whenever the release gets out) and I will download the newest
version of the smbldap installer at that time.  Could you just let me
know the format of the fields so I know how to use the bulk-add script?
I need to import with existing usernames and passwords.  In fact maybe a
couple more lines in the readme could describe all fields imported and
the order, and something on how to override those with the
userinfo.names file.  Or you could just tell me I ask for too much :-)
I think this would be helpful however since many admins probably work
with existing systems and users.

> I've started adding in quota support (assisted by Brian 
> Chivers), and that's added a new input field to 
> smbldap-useradd-bulk.  So your password field may very well 
> be misinterpreted.

Excellent!  I really don't want to loose my quota support for next year.
Does this currently work?

Separate topic, anyone have a good tool for administering this stuff
yet?  I have tried many options but nothing seems to cover the spectrum
(or I am just too illiterate to figure it out).  Having a gui to
add/remove users, change passwords, assign group priveleges,
monitor/change quotas, mass addition and deletion, etc.  

I am sure the answer to the above question will be no unless it is for a
portion of the options.  So Matt, do you have any tools via command line
to modify the new quota features yet?  Something to see current limits
and usage and can increase or decrease existing users?

Thanks for everyones help.  I shouldn't have waited so long to test some
of this stuff.

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