[K12OSN] [Fwd: NECC and thanks]

Hoover Chan chan at sacredsf.org
Sat Jul 2 12:57:09 UTC 2005

Add my thanks and support too.

Actually, my take on the "zeitgeist" of Open Source at NECC is slightly 
different. Seemed like a LOT more _interest_ but like last year, and maybe 
worse this time, the Linux Garden was hidden away and hard to find. You 
had to puposefully look for it in order to get there.

In the education world, I think Moodle is what's going to really crack 
open Open Source. I couldn't get in to any of the Moodle 
sessions because of the crowds.

Looking forward to the San Diego NECC. If it didn't happen this year, 
maybe we should see if we can get a face-to-face gathering of folks from 
this mailing list!

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