[K12OSN] Logins problem ADS-LTSP

Kevin Verheyen thepiano at telenet.be
Sat Jul 2 20:30:01 UTC 2005

Hello folks,

as I will be setting up our whole primary school in K12LTSP (pilot  
project n Belgium I suppose :-)
I'm in need of some advice.

The setup i'll be using will depend on a win 2003 ADS (auth and  
files) as this has been the only addmitance I had to make upon my  
staff board. (.... I case i'll be missing ;-) LOL...)
We'll have:-

1 Win 2003 ADS
1 Win 2003 term server for who's in need of... (using Rdesktop)
3 or 4 K12 LTSP servers standalone (or should i prefer clustering?)

My main problem is for now:
I'd like to make all profiles roaming, so when a login is made anyone  
will have access to his or her files, ltsp or win 2003 login.
This year my clients (old thick system and all on windows) could  
login with f.e. klas6b, and they used it on all of their computers in  
the classroom to get access to the network. No profiles were  
transfered so no problem.
But I noticed this is very difficult in ltsp. if i open one session  
win 2003 on a client, and try to open another one with the same login  
on another client the session is automaticly transferred between the  
2 clients.

Should i give al of my machines a seperate login? Or all of the  
children (600+) (import script?)?
My first idea was
- every teacher a login
- every class a login

But this seems to be a big problem...
Anyone a solution?

Kindly regards,


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