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RE: [K12OSN] regfile for redirect of My Documents

--- cliebow downeast net wrote:

> Hey: i got in and tweaked puffins smb.conf as well
> as the adduser.d script
> on osprey,so profilepath and smbhomedrive points to
> puffin..SOmehow
> homedirs were automagically created on puffin in the
> process so no transfer
> of anything is necessary excpet user data .I found
> that exceptionally
> Cool..So the ghetto laptop just willingly joined the
> domain..and roaming
> profiles just work..I will eave the logon script for
> tomorrow i am unclear
> about this c:\chain\startup.reg thingie..Does that
> need to be placed on
> every machine..or is that somehow part of the p
> drive?? c ya
> chuck


I ran startup.reg locally on a Windows XP home edition
PC (on my home network, which is just a simple
peer-to-peer workgroup network).  On this PC, P: had
already been mapped to another computer's shared
folder using

net use p: /delete
net use p: \\raven\shared\personal\%USERNAME%

in the same .bat file that runs startup.reg.  Windows
substitutes the user account name for %USERNAME%. 
("raven" is just the name of my home's file server) 
At this point, I've just been playing around with this
stuff, so I'm not sure if I really need the
"persistent" parameter.

As it is right now, I'd have to run startup.bat (and
its startup.reg) in each user account in each of my
Windows PCs, though I might need to only actually run
once, instead of at every start up.

I imagine something similar could be set up with a
samba PDC using the logon file specification in
smb.conf.  And then perhaps run startup.reg directly
from the server instead of on each PC.  Unfortunately,
I won't have a samba PDC to test this idea on for
about another month.


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