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RE: [K12OSN] Terminals running sloooow

Very handy thanks. It seems I only have 1 GB of memory. I will boost that to
2 GB.
I also noticed the following when I ran top

16907 dilip     39  18 81308 6828  28m R 45.6  0.7  13478:09 firefox-bin
 7226 suki      39  18 30408 1196 1932 R 45.6  0.1   5162:57 gnuchess
21402 krsnendu  15   0 13740 6428 6300 S  2.2  0.6   0:11.14 nxagent

The top two processes have been using a lot of CPU for a long time from what
I can see. These user are certainly not logged on. They are primary school
students and it is 5am. Right now. What causes these processes to linger and
how do I get rid of them.
In this case I typed kill 16907
kill 7226
and it got rid of them. I guess that will help things go a bit faster. Am I
on the right track?
Some background on what top tells me would be very helpful.

We have version 1.1.2 Is that ok or should I upgrade to a more recent
version? And if so how do I do it? Up2date doesn't always seem to work.

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On 7/4/05, Krsnendu dasa <krsnendu orcon net nz> wrote:
> I have just noticed that our terminals are running slow now. I think the
> usage has increase over the last week with more people using openoffice
> writer and impress as well as scribus. Some using firefox also. Openoffice
> impress has been especially slow.

I hope the version of OO is later than 1.12. Earlier version had a
problem that the file pspfontcache grew very large and slowed OO. IAC
try deleting this file in users home subdirectory for OO.

> SATA HD and I think 1 GB RAM (maybe 2 GB how do I check without

$free -m 
will show you how much memory. You can also run top and the first few
lines give the memory and usage status.

> How can I find out what is making everything slow? Is there some
> software or log file I can look at?

Try iptraf if you feel network slow down / chocking is the issue.
Although from specs you have mentioned this should not be so.

I did take liberty in snippings.
Sudev Barar
Learning Linux

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