[K12OSN] ADS and openoffice

Mark Gumprecht gumprechtm at msln.net
Tue Jul 5 12:17:09 UTC 2005

Duh, I didn't think that there would be a setup log on the 2kserver in 
the user directory. oo failed to create short cuts to the linux path of 
/usr/lib/ooo-1.1/program/soffice to the user home directory on the 
server. Is it even possible to create links on a win volume? I tried 
creating by hand the  sim link, it said operation not permitted. I tried 
copying the file to the server, It  stays for a few seconds and then 
disapears, deleted I suppose. Any help appreciated

Mark Gumprecht wrote:

> I've made progress on AD auth and have 2 issuesleft. I'm using the 
> centos4 k12ltsp install and authing against a win2k server. Everything 
> works except for any of the edutainment that uses a dcopserver and OO 
> components. The first error says to check that the dcopserver is 
> running..It isn't. And I'm not sure how to. The second, OO, Fails to 
> open. it states it can not exec 
> "/home/k12ltsp/.rhopenoffice1.1/soffice" can't find file or directory 
> at /usr/bin/oowriter line 448. Line 448 is the exec 
> "$UserInstallDir/soffice", @ooo argv. Any ideas? I thought maybe the 
> install is done by a different user, but it does not say permission 
> denied.
> Mark

Mark Gumprecht
Data Systems Specialist
Unity, ME
gumprechtm at msln.net

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