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Re: [K12OSN] K12Linux Legacy Pc's

The rule of thumb is a Pentium class machine is the 'lowest' you want to use for clients. Machines with 486 chips can be made to work, but they tend to be frustratingly sluggish at best, and since they often don't have PCI slots, getting the NIC and sound cards recognized is much harder. A 100mhz Pentium with 32MB of RAM will work very nicely. I recall that someone on the list did some benchmarks a couple years ago, and found that there wasn't any benefit for the client to be any faster than 166mhz and 32MB RAM. Faster, more memory didn't hurt, but the users didn't perceive any better performance. And the performance difference between a 75mhz client and 166mhz client is small.


Patrick Sawyer wrote:
Ive read the how to with regards to setting legacy pcs up as clients with k12linux. I was wondering if anyone has any tips that they would like to share.

Also how old is legacy?


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