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RE: [K12OSN] SMB/LDAP Installer upgrades

> Thanks for the vote of confidence, Dave, but the Samba/LDAP 
> Installer doesn't merge anything.  It overwrites everything!  
> It makes timestamped backups of all the config files it 
> overwrites, but you definitely shouldn't run it on a 
> production system that already has users (at least not 
> without some careful planning and preparation).
> If you need to upgrade, I recommend that you
> 1) dump your LDAP DB with slapcat,
> 2) upgrade your packages (Samba, OpenLDAP, etc.),
> 3) run the Samba/LDAP installer again, and
> 4) read your DB back into LDAP.

Thanks for the info Matt.  How about those tips for using quotas?  I see
the script is looking for a default user, do you have a recommended
procedure for setting this default user or is that up to me to decide?


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