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Re: [K12OSN] SMBLDAP installer update coming soon...


I are desparate to try anything that might get the samba piece working at this point.  The ldap stuff starts fine, just can't start smb.  Do you need a guinea pig?  I have a dual opteron 64-bit system with FC4 just waiting to crash and burn (again).  Will be up all night installing/re-installing the base OS if needed.

Dave Hopkins

> Hi all....
> Matt has sent me an updated version of the smbldap-installer script to
> test and document....unfortunately it may be Monday at the earliest before
> I can do it....I MAY get a chance to try it tomorrow a.m. as I'm headed
> home tonight and may get some time in the a.m. to at least take a peek at
> it.  My understanding is that it should be more OS agnostic meaning that
> it should run on more versions of Linux such as FC 3, FC 4, RH EL,
> possibly CentOS...etc.  I will obviously check this out with Matt....Matt
> also indicated that distros that do not use "authconfig" may need some
> more "involved" configuring with PAM stuff that will allow the OS to
> authenticate via LDAP.  You'll need to check up on how to do that with
> your OS.  I do know that plans are in the works to make this happen in an
> "authconfig" manner for Ubuntu....once written for Ubuntu or Debian like
> systems...that should hopefully easily port to many Debian based distros. 
> Try to be a little patient as we get this all tested and in place.  Matt
> and I will 
> release what we can as soon as it's ready....we don't want to release
> something that is very obviously buggy or pre-alpha as it will cause more
> problems for you than it's worth.  I should be in school most of next week
> as both my kids will be at summer day camp thus giving me time to
> concentrate.  I will be deploying my own servers beginning the first week
> of August so I can definitely share what I'm using at that point.  Don't
> worry...we'll get version 2 into your hands for testiing, etc as soon as
> it's prudent...."hopefully" sometime early next week.
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> Vassalboro Community School
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