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Re: [K12OSN] Way off topic - Windows batch file question

Jim Kronebusch wrote:

Sorry for the nature of this post, but I think there are Windows wizards
out here as well.

I have a Win2000 server and a pair of Iomega 160GB usb hard drives.  I
need to back up to these drives.  I can set whatever backup program to
back up to drive x:.  I need to be able to swap these drives weekly and
take one off site.  Problem is when I plug in one drive it assigns drive
h: to it, the other gets i: assigned to it.  This causes my backup
program to get stupid.

I am thinking I can solve this by placing a simple batch file in the
Windows scheduler that deletes drive x:, runs a quick check for which
drive is available h: or i:, then has an if statement duplicate h: to x:
if h: exists, if h: doesn't exist and i: does exist the duplicate i: to

Does this make any sense?  This just seems like it could save a lot of
money on tape drives if it is figured out.


Jim Kronebusch
Cotter Tech Department
jim winonacotter org


Haven't tried this (don't have the hardware right at hand), but what happens if you plug in one of the USB devices (say the one that gets H:), then using Disk Adminstrator, manually assign it to drive K: (or convenient letter). Now, unplug, and plug in the other (I:), and likewise manually assign it to drive K: as well. When you swap the drives, does the manual drive mapping stick? I have never tried this, but .... maybe?


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