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RE: [K12OSN] Way off topic - Windows batch file question

> There may be other ways, but this will work.  Only thing you have to 
> remember is that if you change the backup routines, you will 
> need to make 
> the same changes in both the H and the I sections.
> This will look for the file called query.txt on H and if it 
> finds it, will 
> start the backup, and copy the file query.txt to the root of 
> the H: drive. If the file doesn't exist (there is no H: 
> drive) it will run the next line 
> which runs the batch section for the I: drive.
> Hope this helps at least a little. . .

Crap.  I think looking at this a little closer I wasn't clear enough.  I
need to actually back up C,D,E,F,and M drives to one of the external
drives.  I was thinking of using windows backup so I can catch the
system state of the machine for the registry and such.  The problem is
if I set the backup script to point to my external drive of H:, when I
unplug h: and plug in the next drive, the new drive becomes i:.  Then my
backup errors because it cannot find drive h:.  So I was looking for a
script to check whether I: or H: is available, then make a new drive
called X:.  Then I can schedule the script to run right before Windows
backup to be sure that X: is available and connected to the current
drive (either H or I).  Then my Windows backup can proceed to backup to
X without any errors.

Does that help clear things up?

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