[K12OSN] OT- BackupPC excludes not working

Carl Keil carl at snarlnet.com
Sat Jul 9 06:59:06 UTC 2005


Can someone suggest the proper syntax for getting excludes to work on my 
BackupPC installation?  I want to exclude a certain folder from a user's 
home directory.  Home is on a separate partition so it has it's own 
entry in the BackupPC conf under share names. 

I have this under rsync args:


and this under conf(backupfilesexclude) : 

'/proc', '/var/spool/squid','slocate.db', '/home/ckeil/secret/*', '/home/www/k12ltsp/*';

why isn't this working.  I just noticed that I have the /* in one place 
and not in the other, but I've tried it both ways in both places.  A 
related question, how will I know this is working?  I'm assuming that 
after the next incremental backup after I get this right then those 
directories won't appear in the backups.  Is there a way to delete 
backed up information from the backup server?




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