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Re: [K12OSN] Thin Client

I would also like to know because I am researching use in a Public Library setting (40-50 systems) at multiple branches.


Omar Olivos wrote:



In a recent meeting at my school we were discussing Thin Client technology. Some people in the meeting were under the impression that Thin Client technology is old and is not used anymore by ‘big’ schools. (We have two sections with more than 600 students in each section). Or if it used it is not done successfully. It was very difficult for me to convince them other wise. I have been using K12LTSP in a computer lab and with a small number of children and talked about the benefits but evidence of ‘real’ success was requested. Anybody on the list could contact me with any ‘big’ school that is using thin client technology ‘successfully’?  So that I can actually ‘prove’ that K12LTSP is a very good option.


Thanks for your help,


Omar Olivos




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