[K12OSN] winbind

stacey pacquette staceypacquette at gmail.com
Sun Jul 10 08:53:18 UTC 2005

greeting all, 

a few weeks back after updating the k12 server I started having trouble with 
winbind and logging in with w2k AD user accounts. The problems seemed to be 
resolved by changing some of the SELinux settings and restarting winbind.

Unfortunantly after installing the red hat network updates last night, I'm 
unabel to get logins with windows accounts to be authenticated. Pasted below 
are some of the logs from the system log viewer.

Jul 10 01:30:34 server unix_chkpwd[6470]: check pass; user unknown
Jul 10 01:30:34 server gdm(pam_unix)[6464]: authentication failure; logname= 
uid=0 euid=0 tty=localhost.localdomain:2 ruser= rhost=localhost.localdomain 
Jul 10 01:30:40 server pam_winbind[6464]: read from socket failed!
Jul 10 01:30:40 server pam_winbind[6464]: internal module error (retval = 3, 
user = `test\dlraven'
Jul 10 01:30:43 server gdm-binary[6464]: Couldn't authenticate user

I rejoined the windows AD with no errors and disabled SELinux all together 
and am still not having any luck; any direction towards a solution is much 

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