[K12OSN] Fedora Directory Server? Who has seen it?

Les Mikesell les at futuresource.com
Sun Jul 10 18:55:53 UTC 2005

On Sat, 2005-07-09 at 23:51, David Trask wrote:

> My concern....FDS may be really cool, but it is at this point Fedora and
> Solaris (as well as RH) only.  This makes things interesting if you want
> to run Ubuntu servers.....hence the need to keep Samba/LDAP on the front
> burner as well.  FDS does pique my interest though.....

It's GPL'd so it is just a matter of time until other distributions
package it.  But, I think the real key to making system administration
easy would be to make a canned authentication/home directory server that
is as easy to set up as an SME server but built on Centos4.  RH has made
it clear that they'll include it in RHEL when it is out of beta and
Centos will add it when RHEL does.  On the client side everything should
interoperate anyway.  The big differences should be in server and
replication setup.

  Les Mikesell
   les at futuresource.com

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