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Re: [K12OSN] I need opinions....backup idea for when Terminal server down and I'm not around

On Sun, 10 Jul 2005, Christopher K. Johnson wrote:

> Jim McQuillan wrote:
> > Hmm,  hot-pluggable, but not redundant?  /me wonders what's the point.
> > if a non-redundant power supply fails, everything goes cold  :)
> >
> > But, you make excellent points, and I agree completely.
> >
> /you wonders with reasonable cause - obviously not nearly as good as
> redundant.  But if hot-pluggable then you can have a spare sitting on the
> shelf and switch easily, probably without a screwdriver, thus replacement
> involves significantly less down-time and could be done by a non-technical
> person.

Good point, but I don't think i've ever seen a hotswap powersupply cage
that only holds 1 power supply.  most of them hold two.  Then, rather
than leaving the spare on the shelf, you might as well leave it in the
hotswap cage, so it can jump into action automatically, rather than
crashing the system and having a non-tech do the swap.

Unless, you have more servers than spares.  And even then, you could
still leave the spare in the most critical server, and if another
servers hot-swap power supply should happen to fail, you could steal the
spare from the server that has a spare.


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