[K12OSN] releases

Liam Marshall lsrpm-1 at shaw.ca
Mon Jul 11 15:54:26 UTC 2005

well dip me in horsesh$t and colour me purple!  I got sound to work on the thin clients!

sound daemon must be esd

module line reads

s_module_01 = "cs4232 io=0x220 irq=5 dma=0"

sound works on any game in the K12ltsp that has sound!

only 2 problems now:

1.  I get a little nag screen saying "no volume control elements and/or devices found"  you hit ok and sound still works

how would I get rid of this or what am I missing there?

2.  websites with sound don't work yet,  say I need shockwave and flash.  Got flash but still no sound

help on this much appreciated!

btw when is the release going to be officially out?  I am working on the last beta of 4.4 that I found

Great work!!!

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