[K12OSN] FTP redirect?

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Tue Jul 12 13:37:47 UTC 2005

> If I wanted to redirect all incoming FTP traffic (assumably 
> ports 20&21) 
> to a second server, without the user knowing -- what would 
> the best way 
> to accomplish that be?  Can iptables do such a thing?

Not sure if I have an answer, so lets see if you can help me clarify the
problem.  Do you have a second FTP server running that is somehow synced
with another box and you want to load balance between the two?  Or are
you putting a new server in place and want make the transition without
any glitch in service?

If the first problem describes what you want to do, then look into round
robin DNS and a second external IP.  With round robin DNS you can do an
entry with the same url (ftp.yourserver.org) and point it to multiple
IP's.  Then it will rotate the load evenly across each IP in the list.
This would be fairly simple if you host your own DNS, but most like
tougher with an online host.  Then you must be sharing the /home and
syncing user with LDAP or something.  I don't know how you would do it
on a single IP.  Maybe then you would have to get into some sort of
scripting with your port forwarding or IP tables.

Otherwise if it is the second issue, just set up the second server the
way you want, then throw the switch on your port forwarding.  But I
think you are asking about the first one.

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