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Re: [K12OSN] FTP redirect?

Jim Kronebusch wrote:
Otherwise if it is the second issue, just set up the second server the
way you want, then throw the switch on your port forwarding.  But I
think you are asking about the first one.

Nope, the second. My users are used to connecting to "ourserver.org" for ftp. The machine that runs email now (thus "ourserver.org") no longer hosts home directories -- so I need to have access ftp traffic going to "ourserver.org" redirect to "ftp.ourserver.org"

I can do it for outside traffic (via portforwarding on my ipcop firewall) -- but I'm not sure how to do it internally, where there is no redirection, but rather direct connection to a 10. address.

(I have a bogus DNS server inside our network that points traffic for ourserver.org to an internal 10. address)


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