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Re: [K12OSN] HP Laserjet Printer w/embedded jetdirect print server

I run several HP printers with jet direct some with print server some with out.. Hook an ethernet cable to it, get its ip address, and use ldap.

Liam Marshall wrote:

The school just bought an HP LaserJet 2430dtn printer for the lab
I was wondering the best way to set it up with K12LTSP. It comes with an embedded print server via JetDirect and 64 MB ram. I configured it, I think. Plugged it into the network with network cable. my test server (4.4.0 beta) I established a connection to the printer using the ip address I set up on the printer

It prints. If I set it up to share/print, all the work is going through the server, right? Last year, when huge print jobs were sent to a printer attached directly to the server via parallel port, the printing used up major resources according to TOP.

I was hoping that if the server conncects to the printer via TCP/IP that jobs would basically pass through the server and most of the processing would be done on the printer itself. Would that reduce the load I saw with the old printer directly connected via parallel to the server?

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