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Re: [K12OSN] Thin Client

I teach in one of those schools that Alan just mentioned.  I build my own classroom ltsp setup with a small server and 8 terminals/thin clients.  Life got very easy because of the security and such provided as a normal part of the ltsp operating system.  No more reloading Windblows software everyday because a student decided to trash something.
It works and the price can't be beat.
Hi Al

Alan A Hodson wrote:
Re: [K12OSN] Thin Client
Hola Omar

I work for one of the largest school districts in West Texas (El Paso ISD - 62,000+ students, 88 campuses) and in spite of the fact that K12LTSP labs and classroom clusters are installed only in 5 middle schools, our conservative estimate is that on any given day more than 1500 students use the thin clients for typing, computer applications or research. The reliability of the servers is what makes them so popular. A few teachers may resist the initial deployment - some they think they are "too old"  to have to "learn another system", but after a few weeks that idea vanishes, when they (and their students) realize that they have "all the Micro$oft applications" and then some...

Fell free to look at http://links.episd.org and click on our friend TUX. More information is available there - use anything you need.

Good luck

Alan A Hodson MEd
aahodson at episd dot org

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