[K12OSN] K12ltsp and Novell 5.1

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Tue Jul 12 20:23:03 UTC 2005

> Looks like this year we will be keeping our Novell 5.1 
> server. (Oh joy). We are also going to add a K12LTSP lab.  My 
> question is has anyone tried to authenticate against a Novell 
> 5.1 server?  It appears to be running a version of LDAP, not 
> sure which at the moment.  Ditching the Novell server is not 
> an option this year. (but a nice, new samba/ldap server would 
> do the trick!)  I need to have the flexibility of allowing 
> the kids to log into either the windows lab or the linux lab. 

Since you can't ditch the Novell setup, just install a SMB/LDAP server
and auth everyone to it.  Then let the Novell run in the server room and
just tell everyone that is what they are using :-)

Sorry, that doesn't help does it.  Just for that I'll try to help some.

A quick google search brought this up
But that looks like you need Novell 6.0 or later to work.

I see this website had someone post about using Novell 5.1, if all else
fails you could try to contact them.  The email that posted was
desmond at dunhess.com.au

Good luck

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