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Rép. : [K12OSN] K12ltsp and Novell 5.1

I did this first wiki page when i integrated k12ltsp into novell 6
Then somebody made a shorter rehash of what i did
Then someone found a way to eliminated the nwhome directory in the users folder.

All of the above allows us to not create a single user on the k12 box, all authentification is taken care of by Novell. My server has been running two solid years whith this setup, a real joy.
Hope this works with Novell 5.1

>>> tom allen winthrop k12 me us 12/07/05 16:06 >>>
Hi all.

Looks like this year we will be keeping our Novell 5.1 server. (Oh joy).
We are also going to add a K12LTSP lab.  My question is has anyone tried
to authenticate against a Novell 5.1 server?  It appears to be running a
version of LDAP, not sure which at the moment.  Ditching the Novell
server is not an option this year. (but a nice, new samba/ldap server
would do the trick!)  I need to have the flexibility of allowing the
kids to log into either the windows lab or the linux lab.  If I have to,
I can duplicate all of the user accounts on the K12LTSP server, but that
is not my desire.



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