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Re: Rép. : [K12OSN] K12ltsp and Novell 5.1


I hvae been running a K12LTSP server with Novell authentication for the past 2 school years now.  It works very very well.... just one place to add user accounts. ... .then if they log in on a Windows machine, or a Mac in the library they use the same authentication and the same home directory from the Novell server.  When on the LTSP they save to /home/nwhome and when on a windows box they save to drive H:\

follow the instructions at http://k12ltsp.howtoz.net/k12ltsp/netware.htm

I will be upgrading to Netware 6.5 but keeping all the authentication the same.

IMHO there is no need to use a complicated Samba configuration when you already have the best file server/directory services setup that exists.  You already know how the rights and inheritances work in Novell. No need to learn another system. You already know the administration of the Novell server.  There are great tools for user import.  The integration of Samba and LDAP is quite a bit more complicated than just doing the login authentication integration like this.  This integration uses a PAM module specifically written for this purpose. It was easy to do, once I figured out the syntax of the thing, but then is jsut worked like magic.   If you need help configuring it, let us know.  I could send you a copy of the config file that runs my system.

Joe Guenther

Guy-Michel Lessard wrote:
I did this first wiki page when i integrated k12ltsp into novell 6
Then somebody made a shorter rehash of what i did
Then someone found a way to eliminated the nwhome directory in the users folder.

All of the above allows us to not create a single user on the k12 box, all authentification is taken care of by Novell. My server has been running two solid years whith this setup, a real joy.
Hope this works with Novell 5.1

tom allen winthrop k12 me us 12/07/05 16:06 >>>
Hi all.

Looks like this year we will be keeping our Novell 5.1 server. (Oh joy).
We are also going to add a K12LTSP lab.  My question is has anyone tried
to authenticate against a Novell 5.1 server?  It appears to be running a
version of LDAP, not sure which at the moment.  Ditching the Novell
server is not an option this year. (but a nice, new samba/ldap server
would do the trick!)  I need to have the flexibility of allowing the
kids to log into either the windows lab or the linux lab.  If I have to,
I can duplicate all of the user accounts on the K12LTSP server, but that
is not my desire.



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