[K12OSN] freeing dhcp addresses

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Wed Jul 13 14:21:21 UTC 2005

     range dynamic-bootp; 

Do I need to make changes in /etc/hosts to insure that only the thin
clients get those addresses that are specified in "range dynamic-bootp"?

As far as I know your /etc/hosts should contain a mapping of all
possible workstation names to all possible Ips to be offered in the
bootp range along with the name of your server.  Here is an example
below:	ltsp	localhost.localdomain	localhost	ws001.ltsp	ws001	ws002.ltsp	ws002	ws003.ltsp	ws003	ws004.ltsp	ws004	ws005.ltsp	ws005	ws006.ltsp	ws006
*****************************	ws250.ltsp	ws250	ws251.ltsp	ws251	ws252.ltsp	ws252	ws253.ltsp	ws253	ws254.ltsp	ws254
Serverip		server.ltsp	server

And that should do it.  Also, just because I have some personal issues,
I'd bump your dhcp range to start at .101.  That way the last digit if
the IP will match the last digit of the machine names.

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