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Re: [K12OSN] copy system to another computer

the command lvm vgdisplay returns "no volume groups found" thanks for the primer on how the hard drives are named.

1. piggy back the new hard disk into the computer as a "slave" or use cable select
the new disk will need to be in the secondary positon and the old disk needs to have its jumper set for
cable select and be in the primary position.
2. insert install cd and type "linux rescue" at the boot prompt (without quotes).
3. my old hard disk is hda, my new harddisk will be hdb, so type "dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb" (without quotes).

4. after dd is finshed shutdown and remove the new hard disk from the computer and place it in your new computer do not connect to the network yet.
5. turn on computer and run system-config-network from a terminal to change name and ip address.
6. shutdown computer, insert network cable and reboot.

i'm ready for the rest of the story. fyi i'm using k12ltsp 4.1 i think i'm going to want to end up with 2 partions on my new drive, the primary and the swap, thats all i have on my old drive.

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