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Re: [K12OSN] how do I update webalizer initial page?

Ok, ignore the sniffle ... sorry

I figured out what was happening ... it was saving the new file as index.html and the old file index.htm was being read. So I changed the webalizer.conf to write a file with .htm instead of .html

Isn't always that way ... just after you buy a new tool, you find the old one. And the time between finding the tool and having bought the new one is proportinal to the cost of the tool .... the more expensive the tool you just bought, the sooner before you find the old one. Just after posting a plea for help, you find the solution.


Joe Guenther wrote:

It seems my webalizer updates all the statistics properly,but the first page when you type in http://www.website.com/usage is out of date. It only has a few months from last year in it. I can then manually type in the http://www.website.com/usage/usage_200507.html and get the proper page. There must some script to compile all these pages in to one front index page.

poking around the internet and looking for a script to run on the server ... I am missing it. Please someone direct me in the right way. I am running K12LTSP 4.0.1

Joe Guenther

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