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I missed the first message, but rsync is a better way to move home
directories than ftp.  You can do a "rsync -n -rav home newhost:/" and
it'll copy them all over and keep all of the permissions and
ownerships.  The "-n" makes it not do anything.  I always to that
first because I can never remember the way that it handles those
trailing slashes.  Rync's also nice if you have to stop and re-start
the transfer for some reason.

On 7/16/05, ssanders at coin.org <ssanders at coin.org> wrote:
> i was not clear on one thing, i was upgrading from a 4.2.0 install, that
> had only been upgraded since 3.1.x  i wanted a fresh install, *then* i
> was copying home directories over via FTP.
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