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Re: [K12OSN] No Volume Control Elements and/or devices found

You're getting this message because your server does not have a sound
card and Gnome is trying to load the mixer applet by default (which
cannot find a sound device to control).

One way to get rid of the message, I believe, is to remove the Mixer
applet from the panel (I don't believe the applet can be made to work
with network sound since it only supports writing to the device).

Try this with a single user and see if it helps.

If it does, then you may be able to make a system-wide change by
removing (or moving to say /root if you are afraid to delete) the
following folder:


Log out and log in again.

Caveat:  I haven't tried any of this (I don't have FC4 setup on a system
here), but if it works, I wouldn't be surprised.  For whatever reason,
Ubuntu does not seem to suffer from this.

Anyhow, hope that gets someone closer to an answer!


Thanks for responding, but that entirely correct. The server DOES have a sound card and sound works well at the server. However, there is no sound of any kind on the terminals. When I login at a terminal using KDE the error message is "device /dev/dsp can't be opened (permission denied)." Does that give anyone more to work with?

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