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Re: [K12OSN] copying mail, but keeping new Evolution/spamassassin settings?

ssanders coin org wrote:
hi all, i did a 4.2.1 fresh install, then FTPed /home directories over,
as well as /etc/groups (i had recreated the users on the new install).
on the fresh install, spamassassin was working agressively, ready to be
taught.  the old /home directories had a very old, manually
installed/configured spamassassin, long before K12OSN.  it had not been
working very well, hence the desire to have a fresh install.

i did not overwrite .spamassassin, in an effort to keep the new stuff
there. however, it is not flagging stuff agressively as it was. any

Have you tried running sa-learn with the sync switch, or the many others that could be relevant? man sa-learn is pretty extensive.

That said, the same thing happened to me after a major update of SA. Following years of frontline service, by filters were trained like champs. Something above my head changed with the update. Retraining through sa-learn helped, but not enough.

Your post led me to dig around. An installation of the webmin spamassassin module re-introduced me to pyzor, razor, and something called DCC. A few quick aptitude install *, and these have been the best few mornings in quite a while.

For FC4



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