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Re: [K12OSN] Used Hardware


I bought 2 quad 550 xeons with 4 gig of ram off Ebay. One of them is serving up
files like a champ at school. It is our Moodle server among other things. The
other is at home, and the backplane failed after I had it 2 months or so. I am
running one scsi drive straight off the motherboard, and am bypassing the backplane.

I guess this is a qualified recommendation. 

They were Dell 6350s, and linux installed quite well. There were no "gotchas."

The servers were $500 each with shipping of $85 or so. They came with fiber cards.

I would do it again. The machine at school is _really_ nice to have in the
server rack.

Regards...   Tom

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OK, it’s the “my best friend is the principle of an elementary school” I am working on a project to place 50 thin clients.


Along with lots of monitors and used pc’s I see while cruising around ebay, there are some dual xeon and better machines in the 500 – 700 mghtz range for less than a couple of hundred bucks with SCSI and Memory. 


Any cautionary tales?


Thanks, Robert

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