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Re: [K12OSN] No Volume Control Elements and/or devices found

Gideon Romm wrote:


try launching gstreamer-properties and make output ESD and input OSS

and test the sound.

And be sure to do this as a regular user, not root. Sound support on the
terminals is always disabled for the root user.


Newer versions of Gnome (and KDE) have started to use gstreamer as a common intermediary layer between the sound output of the applications and the sound hardware. Also, check that you have all of the esound libraries installed on the server (thru YUM/APT).

Keep us posted...


I logged in with a test account I keep around called "Peon." As you might surmise this account has minimal access privileges. Running gstreamer-properties and setting the output to ESD and the input to OSS gives the error "Failed to construct test pipeline" on both test buttons. No sound in applications either. I'm not sure what libraries I need to make sure are in place, but I did and "everything" install and have run yum/apt/up2date to make sure I'm current. Is it possible I have the wrong repositories set? I haven't modified anything manually.

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